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Michelle Fullwood

1) What is your background?
I started my programming career with tiny personal projects like scraping library catalogues, and eventually found myself using this knowledge at work to build speech and natural language processing engines, and later Django webapps. I returned to grad school in linguistics at MIT in 2010 and I'm now in my final year.

2) Why did you join PyLadies?
I've learned a lot from the Python community in Boston and I wanted to give back. I enjoy sharing my Python knowledge through presentations to the group and by helping individual learners with their projects at our weekend project meetups. It's always exciting to see the breadth of projects our PyLadies are working on, and I often find myself learning as much from them as they do from me.

3) What are you most excited about creating with Python?
Just about anything relating to my major interests, which are languages, maps, and education. Luckily, Python has great support for all of these. I've been experimenting with scikit-learn and Python's GIS ecosystem recently, in building a map of Singapore with each street colour-coded for its language of origin. I'm also really excited about learning Kivy to make apps for teaching languages.


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